Describe applicable national requirements for credentialing and requirements for licensure, certification, or registration consistent with federal and state laws applicable to the care.

For this assignment you are being assigned to develop a power point presentation about one of the practice area Transition Services chapter 25 of Case-Smith’s Occupational Therapy for Children and Adolescents, 8th edition (2020), by O’Brian and Kuhaneck, Elsevier Publisher. ISBN: 978-0-323-51263-3
Your project must include the following:
Thorough coverage of material in the assigned chapter
Engagement of class with examples of material
Provision of outside materials to facilitate our understanding and remembering
Treatment content that includes the opportunity for participants to brainstorm and ask questions.
Substantive and critically considered peer-review
Please also respond to this statement as it pertains to the programming and treatment related to your practice area: Describe applicable national requirements for credentialing and requirements for licensure, certification, or registration consistent with federal and state laws applicable to the care and programs that are typically provided within the area of practice you reviewed.


Describe the principal drivers of change that will take place in the health system over the next 10 years.

Please make a comment.reference less than 5 years
A few months ago, it appeared as though American healthcare providers were, if anything, overcompensated (Blumenthal, D., 2020). Many of the most affluent and prestigious healthcare organizations and practices in the country are still likely to be able to absorb and endure the immediate losses brought on by Covid-19 (Blumenthal, D., 2020). The pandemic also demonstrates that some hospitals and healthcare providers are far too susceptible under the current financial framework, and their failure could result in significant gaps in vital health care services (Blumenthal, D., 2020). This naturally prompts the question of whether the United States requires a financing system that protects crucial health care from market upheaval (Blumenthal, D., 2020).
Adopting payment structures that break the connection between remuneration and the amount of services delivered may be a part of the solution (Blumenthal, D., 2020). Capitation, in which a provider organization receives anticipated, monthly payments for providing all necessary treatment to groups of patients, is the most promising as a means of ensuring more secure funding for the healthcare business (Blumenthal, D., 2020). The Medicare Advantage program already uses this framework (Blumenthal, D., 2020).
Capitation for specific services (such as primary or specialty care) or a combination of capitation and fee-for-service for specific types of care (such as preventive services) that might otherwise be undersupplied or are particularly valuable are just a few examples of the many variations on this theme (Blumenthal, D., 2020). A capitation equivalent for hospitals might be a projected annual budget for offering all required hospital services to patients in specific geographic locations (Blumenthal, D., 2020).
There is no ideal system for paying providers (Blumenthal, D., 2020). Prospective budgeting and full or partial capitation have the benefit of providing hospitals and medical professionals with a steady source of income that is unrelated to the amount of services rendered (Blumenthal, D., 2020). Capitation would have given time to carefully consider their amount and distribution while also shielding many providers from the severe short-term losses they are currently experiencing as a result of Covid-19. It would also have lessened the need for immediate federal subsidies, which are currently costing hundreds of billions of dollars (Blumenthal, D., 2020). Global upfront payments also give service providers the freedom to innovate (Blumenthal, D., 2020). For instance, they could use online care instead of in-person care without being concerned about how telemedicine is reimbursed in accordance with fee-for-service regulations (Blumenthal, D., 2020).
Describe the principal drivers of change that will take place in the health system over the next 10 years
Strong drivers are needed for transformation (Eyal Z.,, 2020). The digital health revolution will be one of them (Eyal Z.,, 2020). As it has in banking and retailing, we anticipate that the digital revolution will change health care. As people get more knowledge and take an active role in their care, consumerism is expanding (Eyal Z.,, 2020). The healthcare sector must become more client-centered, individualized, and open (Eyal Z.,, 2020).
Unsustainable cost structures in the developed world are another significant factor, producing a “burning platform” for service providers, insurers, customers, and policymakers. There are significant changes affecting the health care workforce. New medical specialty will call for new medical professions. Numerous countries are experiencing a labor shortage, which will compel the use of new technology (Eyal Z.,, 2020).
Covid-19 has significantly increased the availability of telemedicine and other aspects of digital health (Eyal Z.,, 2020). Additionally, it has resulted in a generalized worldwide economic slowdown and declining revenues for service providers. It could be a turning point in the development of health care because of both considerations (Eyal Z.,, 2020).
Regions with a high proportion of accountable care and organizations like Kaiser that are in charge of population health are likely to experience change early in the United States (Eyal Z.,, 2020). It will happen in other countries’ organizations connected to prestigious institutions, such as the Global Digital Exemplars initiative in the UK (Eyal Z.,, 2020). The quantity of informatics-trained individuals in these institutions is expected to be a constraint on the pace of digital transformation in enterprises. The degree to which companies value development in this area may be determined by the availability of regional health information exchange that enables systems to accept full responsibility.
What are some of your best ideas to improve quality and contain costs going forward?
Develop A High-Value Workforce.
The US benefits from having a highly qualified healthcare workforce and top-notch training facilities. However, the need for primary care, behavioral health, and dental care workers is acute and expanding. Access, quality, and value can only be enabled by a coordinated approach to recruit, educate, and support a diverse health care workforce, especially in underserved areas (Shrank, W. H.,, 2021).
Regulations continue to be a major roadblock to development. The possibility to use technology and advanced practice providers to alleviate workforce shortages, enhance access, and deliver the most cost-effective care is limited by current licensure and credentialing regulations and state-by-state variation in scope-of-practice rules. The impact of COVID-19 has demonstrated the value of loosening such frameworks. During the pandemic, regulatory organizations and payers moved swiftly to expand the capacity of the in-person workforce in areas where COVID-19 cases were surging and to allow telehealth to take the place of in-person care. Numerous state medical boards exempted telehealth from their licensing requirements and granted expedited, interim licenses to out-of-state providers. It will be crucial to formalize these changes outside of the pandemic (Shrank, W. H.,, 2021).
To support care delivery in particularly effective, efficient, and culturally appropriate ways, it will be necessary to make better use of community members and less specialized individuals (such as community health workers and navigators). This will go hand in hand with lowering regulatory barriers (Shrank, W. H.,, 2021).


Describe the competitive strategies used by the company’s main competitors.

Complete the case study of the company that you chose (Amazon) and have been researching throughout the course. Respond to the four writing prompts below. Your responses must include information from academic and scholarly research.
1. Create a case study summary of the company you have chosen, including a general overview of the company, its external environment, and a list of its current strategies and objectives.
2. If the company continues with its present strategies and objectives, where will it be in five years?
3. If you were the CEO of the company, what strategies would you recommend, and why?
4. Describe the competitive strategies used by the company’s main competitors. Which of these strategies are the most effective? How can your company combat these strategies? Support your answers.
If you paraphrase, quote, or use ideas from any source, you should cite your sources using APA guidelines. Your case study should be at least three pages in length, excluding a cover page and references page.
The company for this project is Amazon.


Discuss the main characteristics that make shipping by air the most desirable form of distribution.

This unit is called: JNB161 Air Freight Transport
This essay must be at least 800 words.
Have harvard referencing
An introduction and conclusion as well as body paragraph/s.
In the essay questions you must:
-Discuss the main characteristics that make shipping by air the most desirable form of distribution. Then Include examples of air cargo products that are likely to be found under each of the characteristics discussed.
I have included the criteria rubric and essay brief please follow it and if you have any questions just send me a message and ill try my best to help.
In the assessment details it says reading 1.4 – dont worry about it, you dont need that reading. it doesn’t even make sense anyway.
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Compare the limitations of the studies you have collected.

Select a research topic of your choice. Your topic must relate to a basic social psychological principle; however, it can fall into one of the applied subfields (forensic psychology, psychology of religion, industrial organization, health psychology, etc.).
For this assignment you will begin analyzing the current research around your chosen topic. Using 5 empirical articles published in the last 5 to 7 years and that are scholarly and peer reviewed. Compare the current research for your chosen topic, in 1,250-1,500 words.
The following information will assist in the analysis of the literature:
1.Introduction: This section should include your research question with a brief explanation of why the research is needed.
2.Compare and analyze the literature in the articles collected.
3.Compare the limitations of the studies you have collected.
4.A conclusion that includes how your research will add to the current field of research.
Prepare a document that includes your research question(s), including how your research will add to the current research in your chosen field.


Explain the context of your project.

The project topic could be developed from our readings and discussions in class but any topic related to labour, class, and role-play gaming is acceptable.
The object of this assignment is to illustrate your ability to convey the larger themes explored in this course through a project of your choosing. The idea is to provide a critical evaluation of the topic you have chosen. The most important element is that it is a commentary, a point of view, not merely a summary. It allows you to enter into dialogue and discussion with the ideas informing your topic.
The following outline is to assist you in the planning and implementation of the final LBST 330 project. This outline provides examples but is not the only way to pursue your project. The project is meant to enhance our overall understanding of class and labour in Canadian society through a role-play, game, or simulatoin. You may also choose a more broadly defined working class issue not directly related to the labour movement i.e. anti-poverty action. It should be a contemporary issues rather than historic (so within the 21st century).
The idea is to create a role-play, game, or simulation.
Whatever you choose to do there will be a five (5) page paper handed in via canvas that provides the context of your game. Everyone will hand in the paper.
Project Criteria
Your project should be able to tell the story of the issue you have researched with clarity and have a clear purpose (or argument). It should include:
A title that conveys the topic
Primary and Secondary sources incorporated into the game to convey the issue.
Clearly identifies and insightfully analyzes important issues connected to the themes of the labour and class. Analysis was integrated into the game.
The project meaningfully engaged important thematic and interpretive issues around issues of labour and class.
Project shows substantial depth, fullness, and complexity of thought.
The nature, scope, and mechanics of your game will be up to you. Whatever you choose to do there will be a five (5) page paper handed in via canvas that provides the context of your project. Everyone will hand in the paper. This next section of the criteria pertains to the paper and not the more creative aspect of the project.
Your paper explaining the project will be a 5-page formal essay on the context of your game.
You should be able to explain the approach you took in your project and the context that informed your project. Place the project within a framework of evidence given in the course material and the research material you have found on your own.
Guidelines for the essay portion:
The object of this assignment is to illustrate how your game tackled a topic in Canadian labour and class politics. The essay portion should also illustrate your comprehension of the material and your abilities to reason, argue, and write. To write the essay properly, you will need to:
Explain the context of your project.
Analysis. Do not simply describe the game. We will have already seen, played, or in someway interacted with your game. You need to provide an analysis of the game. Explain why the topic you examined is important. This does not mean you will have no descriiption in your essay but make sure you have a balance between descriiption and analysis.
Spelling and grammar were correct. Paragraphing was sensible. Writing was clear and easy to follow. Appropriate sentence variety, smooth transitions, and superior control of diction.
NOTE: Some of your games may be very complex and you will not be able to create the full game in such a limited time. If this is the case it is acceptable to create a prototype with examples of the key components of the game and explain the mechanics of the larger game. Please dicuss this with me ahead of time.

Project Management

Describe the connection between systems thinking, projects, and corporate strategy.

The purpose of this assignment is to examine the relationship between systems thinking, projects, and corporate strategy.
Reflect upon the relationship between corporate strategy, projects, systems thinking. Using the “Levels of Perspective” framework discussed in the “Introduction to System Thinking” article by Kim located in the Topic Resources, compose a 500-750-word paper demonstrating the value of systems thinking in developing corporate strategy including the following.
Describe the connection between systems thinking, projects, and corporate strategy.
Describe an example of how an event, negative or positive, can grow into a vision or strategy by using feedback, loops, and labels.
Minimum of five outside resources. Sources must be authoritative and not from a Wikipedia-type source.
Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.
This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.


What are the social/demographic/community concerns, political influences, and conditions within the organizational environment that have affected organizational behavior?

Module 8 Assignment: Case Study 2. Review the case on page 116 of the textbook entitled “Who’s Most Qualified to Be Minority Recruitment Director?” In Module 3, you wrote a job descriiption based on this case and hired someone to fill the position. The primary focus at that time was on the function of planning. For this final assignment, we’ll revisit that case with a focus on the functions of acquisition, development, and sanction.
Assume you hired the right person as Minority Recruitment Director. Based on the case, share the Director’s excellent responses to the following:
What are the social/demographic/community concerns, political influences, and conditions within the organizational environment that have affected organizational behavior? Describe how organizational behavior has been affected. How does this relate to the HRM responsibility of ensuring social equity and diversity? What are your suggestions for improving this situation?
Briefly outline your recommendations for recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce.
List the components to include in agency-wide diversity training. How does this training relate to the sanction function of defining the expectations between the employee and employer?
Once you complete this assignment, you will have used this case to work through all four HRM functions!
If you use sources outside of the course materials or quote a source, provide your references in APA format.


Discuss Social Anxiety Disorder.

Case study on Social Anxiety Disorder (Social Phobia) F40.10.
Please see attached files for complete directions.

Criminal Law

Define and discuss any criminological theory.

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:
Choose 1 criminological theory discussed in Chapter 3 of the textbook.
Assume you’re a cyber detective working for a law enforcement agency, such as the FBI, investigating a cybersecurity incident. Describe how the criminological theory you chose above can be used to profile the cybercriminal. Address how you might use that theory to address the cybercrime.
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