Children and young people and families

However, the question can be changed if you wish to do so.

Hey, this is for my dissertation assignment. I have also attached the assignment brief for my dissertation which is a total of 10,000 words.
I have scribbled out the top and the bottom paragraphs as we were given a chose to pick and I chose the second option which is the policy impact for my dissertation.
My topic is immigration and my excluded group is refugees and asylum seekers.
The policy is the Immigration Act 2016. Which is then linked to the Mental Health Act 2017.
It includes 3 chapters talking about issues about this topic and this excluded group, in my case it’s asylum seekers and refugees but them how does the immigration act 2016 impact ( refer to the assignment brief for more information).
It would be grateful if an extra specific group could be added in to define and draw not completely but to link it, as in comparing and contrasting for example; disability.
I also need to come up with a question for my dissertation so the essay can be written. I did come up with one which is “how far has the immigration act 2016 addressed the needs of refugees and asylum seekers”.
However, the question can be changed if you wish to do so.
I also did a 1:1 with my supervisor about this and this is some of the things we spoke about which i have also attached after the grade mark sheet, so there is more idea of this essay.
Thank you.