Internet Technology (IT)

Differentiate between computer literacy and technological literacy.

Cite all sources.
Each question must be at least one full page.
Please indicate by
number each question that you are answering.
Please put ALL questions
in one file and use a page break at the end of each question.
Feel free to express their own personal opinions when
answering the questions
Answer both questions.
Discuss if humans are too dependent on technology, not dependent
enough on technology or the balance between humans and technology is
correct. Give examples and defend your
What is the future for a career in IT?
ANSWER FOUR (4) of the Following questions
1. Define in your own
words Information Technology and discuss in detail the impacts IT is having on
life, society and the workplace.
2. Differentiate
between computer literacy and technological literacy. In your option what emerging technologies
will have the biggest impacts in the next year, five years, and ten years? Please give examples.
3. What are the risks
that you face as a computer user today?
How do you protect yourself from these risks?
4. Discuss in detail
using the Internet. Include the benefits
and risks of doing so, how you select an Internet Service Provider, ethical
issues that are emerging because of the Internet and what do you think is the
future of the Internet.
5. Discuss the future
of hardware and spec out the perfect system for you based upon your needs.
6. Discuss the
importance of software and include the types of software that a computer
literate person should possess. What are
the various programming languages that are available for software development,
give examples? Should software be open
source or proprietary code?
7. Discuss how the
wireless world has changed the way we live and work.
8. Compare and
contrast the various operating systems that are available.
9. Discuss when to
upgrade a computer system and when to buy a new system. What factors determine how you make this
10. Discuss the pros and cons of the various types of networked
systems. Discuss the risks and rewards
of a networked system. What will the
future networks look like? Why is network security important?
11. Discuss the pros and cons of mobile computing; include
the types of mobile computing and the future of mobile computing.
12. Discuss the
importance of databases in today’s information economy and digital world.
13. Why is it
important to organize and manage your computer file and folders. How should this process be accomplished? Give examples of both good and bad file and
folder management practices.
14. What career
options are available in Information Technology? What are the pros and cons of working in the
IT field?
15. Identify and
describe at least three positions in the IT field. Discuss the skills necessary
to get those positions (both formal and informal.)