Occupational Health & Safety

Assessment three – stakeholder report

Assessment Three – Stakeholder Report
Purpose:1. To enable you to research in some depth a particular topic relevant to workplace health and safety effectiveness in a practical context2. To allow you to demonstrate your knowledge of the organisational factors that impact on workplace health and safety.3. To allow you to demonstrate your understanding of organisational change and provide an example of a process you would use.Description:1. You will be required to consider at least one of the topics covered within HLWHS6002 as it applies to your organisation, or one you are familiar with.2. You will analyse your organisation’s context in relation to one of the topics covered within HLWHS6002, as it applies to OHS. You must select one or more of the following:organisational design, organisational structure, job designYou may then wish to relate this topic to one of the following:workforce, technology and/or health and wellbeing.3. You will consider and discuss the influence of one or more of these topics on the organisation’s OHS performance and effectiveness.4. You will develop a change framework, based on a documented approach or model, and recommend changes to improve effectiveness and outline a change program/action plan to address these in your submission.5. You will demonstrate your ability to identify relevant data available in your organisation and to determine what steps need to be taken to implement the changes.6. You will identify and explain an evaluation tool or method appropriate to assessing the outcome of your changes7. You will outline a change strategy based on topics covered within HLWHS60028. This assessment task is worth 40% of your overall marks for HLWHS60029. This task needs to be approximately 1600-2000 words in length.10. You are expected to include at least 10-15 articles from peer reviewed journals11. It is expected that this task will take approximately 12-20 hours to complete12. This is a task that requires forward planning and adequate time for research, reading and reflecting on the information contained in the resources you have chosen. You should begin researching early to gather information and establish a plan for your assignment as soon as possible.13. Topics for this assessment must include one of:Organisational Design
Organisational Structure
Job designMay also include one of:Workforce
Health and WellbeingExamples of combined topics:Job design and aging workforce or or Organisational design and technologyPlease confirm your topic with the lecturer early to ensure it meets the criteria and is not too broad for you to cover.
Assessment criteria:You will be assessed in relation to:· your ability to independently research a particular topic relevant to this course, and the extent of research undertaken.· the quality, currency, credibility and validity of the resources chosen, and the use made of them· whether you have addressed the topic chosen critically and thoughtfully, and the quality of reasoning and analysis used· the logic and structure of your writing· the clarity of your expression, and your compliance with academic writing conventions· your compliance with the APA7 referencing style