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“the passing of grandison” writing the nation 2.10.1, pp. 180-192

The following are required readings

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“The Passing of Grandison” Writing the Nation 2.10.1, pp. 180-192

Other / american literature

5.argue why or why not this virtue is essential for building a better american society and why.

Read the excerpts from Franklin’s Autobiography.
Select one virtue from Franklin’s 13 Virtues that you believe would be most essential for building a better American society.
Write a 275 word essay including the following elements:
1.State the virtue in your own words and explain your interpretation of the virtue as demonstrated by the reading.
2.Find and include at least three quotes from Franklin’s writing to support his definition of the virtue and his examples of how he tried to live the virtue.
3.Using your own specific reasoning, explain the value of the virtue you chose in developing a strong personal character.
4.Argue how well you feel modern Americans are living this virtue.
5.Argue why or why not this virtue is essential for building a better American society and why.
Format your essay according to MLA guidelines including a heading, title, double spacing, etc.
I have provided the link of the reading below.
It is imperative that the excerpt is used, please. Thanks

From The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin Part 1(1789) By Benjamin Franklin