Which is the better, more artistically meaningful film?

Watch both versions of Director George Sluizer’s film “The Vanishing” beginning with the Dutch-French 1988 version.
It is very important that you watch the original Dutch “Vanishing” film before you watch the American remake.
1. The Dutch/French “Vanishing” link – .
2. The Hollywood / American “Vanishing” link – .
In a minimum three-page paper (750 words):
1. Point out as many of the differences between the American version of the film and the Dutch-French version as you can. What might account for the different choices made by the same director? Which would you recommend or choose to see again and why?
2. Which is the better, more artistically meaningful film? What are some of its deeper existential truths about the human condition? Which do you think produced the greater box office receipts and why do you think that was?
3. Watch the speech of director Jill Soloway at the Toronto International Film Festival – [NOTE: Her speech should be rated “R” for its use of language.] Do you agree with her that there is a huge hetero-sexual, male orientation [male gaze] to the vast majority of films produced worldwide? What other examples might you cite to support her thesis?