Other / Dealing with "TIME" when it comes to a Construction claim

The theme of the week has been time and it is here too.

The theme of the week has been TIME and it is here too. In some detail, describe the background of the claim, what are the causal and mitigating factors (research the meaning of those terms if needed), indicate what the GC “General Contractor” did or did not do to properly support their claim, clearly articulate and cite (by article) which AIA contract clauses might have been or were invoked in the process of the claim or lawsuit, and the outcome of the claim or lawsuit.
Research a case anywhere in the US involving a claim of constructive acceleration. “Constructive
acceleration occurs in the absence of an owner directed acceleration, such as where the owner has
refused a valid request for time extensions or threatened other action which requires the contractor
to accelerate its work to avoid liquidated damages, or other loss or risk of loss.” …which is a concise
definition I found here: