Other / Peace, Conflicts, & Security (PACS)

This can be anything, from discussions with friends/family, to written or broadcast news, blogs, facebook etc.

“This assignment related to Northern Ireland. The purpose is two-fold. On the one hand, it is a way for you to measure how much you learn about this conflict over the course of the class. On the other, it is a way for you to start to consider what you know about international conflicts and where that knowledge comes from.
Please answer honestly and trust that there is no wrong answer. Instead, it is a chance to reflect by responding to the following prompts:
What did you know, if anything at all about the conflict in Ireland prior to the assigned reading?
If you did know something, were did you get that information?
If you were unfamiliar with that particular conflict, is there another conflict you heard about? What were your assumptions about that conflict?
What have you learned so far in terms of the conflict?
Have you mostly just learned through the assigned readings or have you started to investigate the conflict outside of the assigned readings?
Where do you typically get information about international conflicts? This can be anything, from discussions with friends/family, to written or broadcast news, blogs, Facebook etc.
Do you have a process for checking the accuracy of the information? If so, what is it? If not, why not?
Having read about the different sources of conflict, do you think one is more likely to cause conflict than others or do you think they are all equally responsible (or some combination)? Why do you think that (is it something you have picked up in your other classes, via the news, social media, etc.,?)
While there is no word count/page requirement, your answers should be thoughtful and robust. This means they should be more than a few words and you should explain your responses. Points will be deducted for brevity, grammatical errors, or if you skip one of the prompts or your answer does not make sense given the prompt.
Assignments submitted after the due date/time will lose 10% for each 24 hour period up to 48 hours late. Assignments later than 48 hours will not be accepted without prior approval or other mitigating circumstances.”