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ENG 101- PERSONAL LITERACY NARRATIVE Assignment: Your paper will be 2-3 pages l

Assignment: Your paper will be 2-3 pages long, or 500-750 words. Because this is a personal narrative, you can use the pronouns “I”, “me”, “my” etc. However, you should always avoid the “generic you” in all papers you write at the collegiate level.
Answer the following question: Writer Matt de la Peña explores his journey from a non-reader into a passionate one- even becoming an award-winning writer himself. Had one teacher not given him a book that he loved, this transition may have never occurred.
In this personal narrative, you will discuss a piece of art or literature (such as music, television show, film, novel, poem, painting, sculpture…though you are not limited to these) that has changed your viewpoint or perspective, and has changed you, as a person, in some way.
Use the writing of de la Peña, and his analysis of The Color Purple, as a model for your piece.
Some questions to begin thinking about:
What “truths” did this piece of art expose to you as a reader/listener/watcher?
How has the creator of this piece been inspirational?
How have the characters (whether real or imagined) been inspirational?
Has this piece of art/literature made you change the way you view the world, or your own personal goals for yourself? Has it made you change the way you see yourself, or your abilities?
You are not limited to these lines of inquiry. Past students have written on everything from cars, to fashion, to video games, to cuisine. I am open to your ideas; run them by me if you would like to brainstorm!
Remember: we as humans have the ability to “read” many different kinds of things: music, maps, recipes, etc. You can think beyond the traditional ideas of reading and books for this essay. Be creative, be unique, and BE YOURSELF!
• Your 2-3 page essay should be documented in MLA format and have at least one Work(s) Cited entry, which will occupy its own page.
• In the introduction, offer a bit of background information on the artist/work. Make sure to include a thesis statement in your first paragraph.
• In each of your body paragraphs, quote from, or draw inspiration from, your primary source to support your ideas.
• In the conclusion, re-emphasize the thesis. What motivated you as the writer to choose this piece of work, and, why would you recommend it to others? What lessons can it teach all of us as “readers”?
Additional Information & Timeline:
1) Microsoft Office Word must be used for all stages of the writing process. Please do not submit PDF files, Apple pages, or Google Docs; if you do, I will ask you to resubmit it. No handwritten work will be accepted for grading.
2) You must use the piece you chose as a primary source. You may also use quotes from secondary materials, such as musical criticism, if you wish, but these are not required.
3) The essay must be written in MLA Format. Please use a standard 12-point font, such as Times New Roman. Use 1-inch margins, and double space the paper. Papers less than two pages, or longer than four pages, will not be accepted for grading.
4) Your Work(s) Cited entries should have their own page in the document you submit.
5) Sparknotes,, Course Hero, and other non-professional websites or blogs should not be used for this assignment. All sources must have known authors or creators.