Other / Perspectives on Climate Change

First, review the UNSDG Webpage: (Links to an external

First, review the UNSDG Webpage: (Links to an external site.) then select UNSDG #13 on climate change ( (Links to an external site.)) and read through the Overview, Targets and Indicators, and Progress and Info sections.
Next, climate change will have many economic, social, and political effects across the world. Pick two of the below listed consequences of climate change, research those consequences, and then thoroughly discuss how they are connected to each other. For example, how can ecological degradation create new public health challenges?
Increased economic insecurity
New public health challenges
Ecological degradation
Forced displacement
Finally, for your two responses to fellow students, review how they connected two of these consequences and build on their discussion with your own suggestions.
Your post must be at least 300 words (NOT including citations). Do not COPY AND PASTE quotes from online sources, write everything in your own words. Cite all web resources and referenced materials that were used. You must use the APA citation style format in listing references used and in parenthetical citations (New York Times, 2015) (for assistance go to the USF Library Citation Assistance page (Links to an external site.)).
Once you have posted, the other students’ posts will appear. Please read over the other students’ post and then reply to at least TWO classmates. Discussion responses must be substantive and at least four sentences.
Completion of this Discussion will help you meet Course Objectives