Other / political science

-3 required references (with in text citations (links to an external site.))

Please write an essay that will demonstrate your understanding of a contemporary issue that relates to the theme of this unit. This units theme is – Consent.
This short essay needs to be written in two sections.
The first section will be an overview of the current event/issue. You will describe what issue you’re writing about, how it relates to the course theme, what you’ve learned and what questions you have about the issue. [In this section you will include the author’s name, title of article]
The second section will be your analysis section. In this section students will provide opinions on the topic and what other concerns in our society relate. [For example: If you chose to write about the anniversary of the January 6th insurrection you would write about the issues that relate to the article you chose in this section.]
How to Get Started:
Conduct research on recent news article from a local newspaper or a national news sources. The article’s topic needs to be about a current event / contemporary issue. Example topics include the economy (stock market, oil prices), world events (war, elections), local events (zoning changes, enrolment in school) or other events that are in the news. Write a one-page short essay of this event and include the name and date of the source. (APA reference list) (Links to an external site.)
-1 page single spaced (minimum)
-3 required references (with in text citations (Links to an external site.)) APA format
-Reputable sources
-11/12 point font (Times New Roman, Times, Helvetica or Arial)