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Provide substantive response to below discussion post. ( You don’t need to use a

Provide substantive response to below discussion post. ( You don’t need to use any sources for this assignment)
Discussion topic) Have you ever completed a clinical assessment before? Please respond to either A or B:
A) If YES – please describe the context and your experience. Also, indicate what you have learned from the readings, powerpoint, and/or the clinical assessment assignment.
B) If NO – please provide feedback on your experience from the clinical assessment assignment. If you have not completed your first session with your client, process any questions or concerns you may have to complete the clinical assessment. Additionally, please ask any question related to clinical documentation that your peer or professor may answer.
Discussion post-
Aside from role-playing in prior classes, I have not completed a clinical assessment before, or rather, with a real client. However, before I changed my major in undergrad, I was far enough in nursing school to have the experience in giving nursing assessments and pass medication with supervision. In my experience of giving those assessments, there was a strong urge to be quick and move to the next room. The extra time I spent on my assessments was used to try and make that human connection many leave a hospital without feeling. While it was the type of attention I wanted to give, it was not time sensitive, and was ultimately what steered my interest toward counseling, where the human connection is highly sought after. So my main concern is becoming proficient enough in completing clinical assessments without making it feel like an interrogation, but also avoid derailing the assessment into client information that may be important to get into later, but does not pertain to the information required by the assessment. Does creating a natural flow of conversation and connection just come with repetition and experience with assessment information? And if so how long does something like that generally take to develop? While I became more familiar with nursing assessments, I still felt like I was either ticking boxes or talking too much and leaving all the boxes unticked.