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The assignment instructions as well as the evaluation grid have been attached. I

The assignment instructions as well as the evaluation grid have been attached.
In order to access the textbook, please go to:
Click on “Acceuil” then next to “World Views” click “Acceder à mon cours” and it should open a new page with the Course.
Scroll down and click on “Module 1”, then “Lesson 1-Understanding World Views” at the Top Left you can click on “Menu” and read through each activity, 1-5. You may need to reclick on Menu to go from one activity to another in order to bypass answering the questions within the textbook (since they are not mandatory). Once you are done reading all 5 activities and the conclusion, at the bottom of the page click on Lesson 2-Understanding Various Canadian Groups’ World Views (right arrow), click once again on the menu at the top left and read activities 1-6 + the conclusion. Please repeat these steps and read the 3 activities + Conclusion in Lesson 3-Relationships affecting Canadian World Views. Lastly, read Activity 1 and Conclusion in Lesson 4 – Assignment Preparation.
I repeat again that in order to bypass the questions within the Activities of each lesson, you need to click on Menu at the Top left of the page and switch from one Activity to the other that way. Once you are done all of that, please complete the attached assignment. I have highlighted things that are very important to respect.
For the assignment, you need to use the Module, and also use the documents “How to make a concept map”, “Guidelines for Revision Strategies” and “Reflection of your assignment” section in the Learning Journal. These 3 documents are all accessible in the Course Resources, if you scroll down on the page, you should see the Course Ressources.
If any of this confuses you, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
I put the number of pages as 2, enough to fit all the steps of the assignment, since it’s not an essay so a number of pages – single spaced does not really apply, I only selected it since there is no option not to.