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Describe a process (step-by-step) in your field of study in  which the order of events is important.

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For any given vertical (or horizontal) stretch or shrink, is  there a corresponding horizontal (or vertical) stretch or shrink which  gives rise to the identical graph transformations? Explain your  reasoning.  There will always be a corresponding horizontal or  vertical stretch or shrink because you will either add or subtract  horizontal or vertical which will move the curve right or left depending  on what function your using.
Describe a process (step-by-step) in your daily life in which  the order of events is important. What would happen if you switched the  order? I am used to a routine. Reveille (wake-up call) is  usually at 0600. To prepare for the day I rise early at 0430. I get PT  (physical training or a workout), showered and about 3 cups of coffee in  before 0600. Hence my day starts. Coffee is the most important part of  that routine. No coffee equates to a borderline zombie. I am not the  friendliest leader or willing to hear any problems until I have had  coffee. My day is out of whack without PT and coffee. I seem to get  everything under control about 9 or 10ish with them in the mornings.
Describe a process (step-by-step) in your field of study in  which the order of events is important. What would happen if you  switched the order?    Working in the engineering filed there  are steps to follow when trouble shooting a piece of equipment from  cradle to grave. If for instance the engine will not start, you would  not simply add fuel as your first step.  You would check your  permissive’ s first. (Logics that are put into place to prevent the  equipment from starting). Once you have checked these and nothing has  been flagged you would move on to the next step of troubleshooting.  Going out of order could cause equipment failure and harm to personnel.

Precalculus homework help

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Precalculus homework help

 A rational function is one that can be written as a polynomial divided  by a po

 A rational function is one that can be written as a polynomial divided  by a polynomial or the quotient of polynomials. Since polynomials are  defined everywhere, the domain of a rational function is the set of all numbers except the zeros of the denominator. The rational function f(x)=  can be transformed using methods similar to those used to transform  other types of functions as we saw in last week’s discussion. 
The purpose of this week’s discussion is to explore transformations on rational functions using the interactive site Desmos Interactive: Graph of Rational Function Version 2Links to an external site.. Using the interactive site, make adjustments to a, b, c, and d (do at least three transformations/changes).
In your original post, answer the following:
Post screenshots of your three graphs.
Answer the following questions:

How do the variables c and d affect the asymptotes? Which transformation rules were applied?
How do the variables a and b affect the asymptotes? Which transformation rules were applied?
In  your opinion, which transformation do you believe is less complicated  or easier to understand? Provide justification for your response.