Social Sciences : Social Work (MSW)

How would you manage morale through the change?

1) Post an analysis of how different leadership styles can be beneficial. Select the leadership style that you least identify with and describe one positive attribute of this style. How might you integrate this attribute into your leadership?
Then, explain how you would learn about the needs of your team and the leadership style they prefer to work under. Based on what you learn, to what extent would you adapt your leadership style?
2) You have been told that the People First San Diego organization needs to downsize in light of the economic climate and that you will be losing some staff on your Therapy Services team. The executive director has told the leadership team that at this time, everyone should remain positive and say nothing to avoid a “panic situation.” Human Resources has concurred.
One person who faces termination is Jerry, a young therapist who has just had his first child. Jerry comes to your office and shows you a real estate listing for a house he is going to make an offer on that afternoon. As you are chatting, Jerry says, “I wouldn’t be able to afford this without my salary. I’m good, right?” He laughs, not knowing anything about the impending layoffs. What do you do?
—–Post a potential solution to the ethical scenario that draws on ethical leadership and the NASW Code of Ethics. Provide justification for your choices.
Additionally, explain the type of power you would utilize in achieving the solution.
9) As Director of Clinical Services at People First San Diego, you normally have a budget of $300,000 to fund the Therapy Services department. This money pays for salaries, training, and supplies. However, this number has recently been cut to $230,000 due to a grant being pulled. You may no longer be able to support a team of four master’s-level social workers (whose salaries range from $60,000 to $66,000) and three interns, so you may have to restructure the department. Even though your budget has decreased, in a perfect world, you would still help a similar number of clients. This new, lower budget is not negotiable. What do you do?
Based on the scenario, post a response:
Describe how your department or service delivery would need to be adjusted. For example, would you downsize, bring in more interns (remember the hidden cost), reduce hours, decrease professional development or training, or reconfigure the one-to-one therapy model?
Be specific about what you would do and explain why.
How would you manage morale through the change? Be specific as to what strategies you would use to keep staff engaged, productive, and motivated.
What would you need from your own manager in order to be successful in leading your team through the change?
(2) nasw and Northouse to use for reference
(1) use Northouse for reference